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Belinda and Erwin’s Travel Diary

Friday, 23 Nov 2007

Location: Dalat, Vietnam

MapWe got up early today to fly to Dalat (crazy taxi ride at 5.30am). We got to share our flight with some English Yobbos on a golf tour, they held up the plane for 20 mins with their opened alcohol which they managed to polish off all before we left the ground. It was the inflight entertainment.

Dalat is in the Central Highlands of Vietnam and a very pretty location in the mountains. It has a very french influence here with the old buildings built in the 1900's.

We had mug written on our face and our first visit to the village and the locals were trying to charge us 50,000 Dong for a mango which was probably really only 1000 we settled at 5000.

We are off on a tour tomorrow on a cable car in the mountains, a boat ride on the lake and elephant riding, hopefully we can get some really good photos.

Erwin tried the local beer. Will let you know how the elephant riding went.