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Belinda and Erwin’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 25 Nov 2007

Location: Dalat, Vietnam

MapYesterday we had a tour around Delat. It really is a lovely lushious green countryside village. We went into the village and walking through the streets the village people were friendly but we were obviously entertainment for them.

We went to some beautiful pagoda's, had a boat cruise on the lake to an island where we road an elephant. It is amazing how big an elephant is when you are on its back. The elephant owner took us through the forest along the waters edge. It felt like extreme sport. The elephant was wanting to take us for a swim in the lake while the elephant owner was working very hard to keep us on dry land. The village people do elephant rides as their income during the day and then they let the elephants free to roam the forest during the night. The elephants then come back in the morning when they feel like it to do the elephant rides.

We also went to an historical village where the women do embroidary. Their work is really amazing it looks like paintings unless you look really closely. We spoke to one young women who indicated that it took 9 months to make one picture.

We are off to Nah Trang today by private transport (what ever that means?) we just wait in our foyer and at 8am someone will come for us.
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