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Belinda and Erwin’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 25 Nov 2007

Location: Nha Trang, Vietnam

MapWell today started out nice and early. We had breakfast which I must say has been very good for the last few days. It has been a buffet style with both western and asian choices for breakfast.

We left at about 8am and headed off for Nha Trang today by car. It was the same driver who picked us up from the airport. Lots of guestures as neither of us had enough of each others language to make anything more that a word or two.

It was a very hairy ride down the mountain. The view was amazing with lots of waterfalls going down the mountain and under the road. We wound through villages which were really lovely, people working in the fields and carrying their tools in baskets on their back. It is really a basic life people have but a very rich sense of community.

We nearly got bogged a couple of times and the car we travelled in was mud up to the roof when we arrived. We were happy we got there in one piece and that we were actually able to drive through given the landslides, the mud and the road that had fallen down the mountain. But it was their new road and the locals were very proud of it.

We have a nice view of the sea from our hotel room. But there is nothing like the beaches of queensland. You really do get to appreciate that we have the best beaches in the world right at home. It was a very smoggy day and so we are hoping that it is sunny and the beach is a lot more attractive tomorrow.

There is a lot of development happening in Vietnam, even in our hotel. We went to have a look at the pool but there was no water in it.

Belinda is heading off to the day spa today, no treatment over $2.50. We will have a look at the travel agencies to see what trips are on offer and what we might go and see. Erwin is very keen just to lie around so we will see what happens.

Until next time