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Belinda and Erwin’s Travel Diary

Monday, 26 Nov 2007

Location: Nha Trang, Vietnam

MapWe have risked life and limb today taking a motor cycle tour around the city and village area. We have hired some locals to take us on their motor bikes. We have toured busy roads and rough back street village roads, through water, mud and very rocky roads.

We saw some lovely historical sites of Long Son Pagoda (a very large white budha high in the hills overlooking the city) a church and Ponagar temples which are some very old ruins and still a place of worshop for the local people and tourists. The local people have shrines everywhere to worship, in their homes, in their shops on the side of the road and then in these public places.

We had an amazing day visiting a local monastary where orphaned children live. They were very friendly and very interested in our translater that translated English to vietnamese, they thought it was very funny.

We also visited a local family who weaved mats that were used by locals for their beds. They made us feel very welcome, showing us how to weave mats, a seat and a drink. They thought it was very funny watching us weave mats, we were very slow and clumsy. They showed us how it should be done. I think we should keep our day job, I don't think we would get work here.

We did break our "only drink from a bottle, can or if it is boiled" rule as we did not want to offend the family.

I think Erwin might still get to lie and do nothing tomorrow... well maybe.