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Belinda and Erwin’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 01 Dec 2007

Location: Hoi an, Vietnam

MapHoi an is a very beautiful place, it is very romantic. The streets are full of lanterns at night. The people are very happy and friendly. There is no begging and very limited postcard selling. We have been to the tailor Erwin has had 5 sets of work clothes made and me a couple of shirts and a suit. They are very nice, made from cashmere. The tailor treated us as family, hugging us everytime we went for a fitting, giving us beer and soft drinks and gave us a gift of chips, beer and soft drinks when they had finished. We learnt some new Vietnames words and taught them some english. It is amazing to come to such a place and english is really the international language.

We hired a scooter and headed for China Beach yesterday. We road through villages and found a couple of shacks on the beach where the local villagers made us coffee and prawns. We had the perfect view of the beach, no tourists. The local villagers were fishing in giant baskets. It was really amazing to see them out at sea in big laundry baskets. Do they know there could be sharks out there.

Drum quest update. No kit yet, but as you will see when we are able to up load our photos, Erwin has found a Gong shop. The local school next to our hotel uses drums to call the children to school and we could hear drummers in the village this morning yet still no drum kit to be seen.

This morning we headed off to the laundry, shopping around for a good price. 10,000 dong per KG (washed and ironed - less than $1 - it is really heaven here)......... Our next adventure is HUE.... until Hue..........

Hoi an is our favourite place and we will be very sad to leave tomorrow.