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Belinda and Erwin’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 06 Dec 2007

Location: Hanoi, Vietnam

MapWe have been in Hanoi. It is a very busy city much like Ho Chi Minh City. Scooters everwhere, markets and stalls everywhere and people selling postcards, silk pictures, wallets, street maps and friut. Erwin has been trying to sell his postcards and street map back to the local sellers at the same price they tried to sell them to him. It has been very funny and they have been very amused by it.

We walked for 8 hours looking for a cheap laundary. We have asked ourselves several times whether the walk was worth it. We paid $2 instead of $5 to have all of our washing washed and ironed. HMMMMM............ We have seen every street in Hanoi. It is amazing every street has a theme. We walked down clothes street, sunglass street, Christmas Street, CD and DVD Street, coffee street, lollie street, even army disposal street. Everything you can imagine has a street full of venders selling exactly the same thing so shopping around for the best deal is easy (if you can get use to bargaining with the locals). It is amazing how much we paid for things that we can now bargain for much less. We really don't mind I guess that is how the economy is booming in vietnam and some people who have previously been very poor are much more financially secure.

In reflection one of the most amazing things has been what people carry on scooters. We are trying to take photos but they have often wizzed by before we can even take a snap. But here is a bit of a list. The record of people on one scooter has been 5, 3 adults and 2 children (1 being a baby) and their dog (granted it was a little dog). We have seen 300 chickens, 5 plate glass windows, a wardrobe and two people, 15 bags of goldfish, 2 televisions and 2 people, just to name a few. In the spirit of vietnam we went to the market both of us on the scooter and purchased a suitcase, so we returned to our hotel, the both of us and a suitcase (of course in peak hour with no helmet).... It was hilarious.. you can imagine......

Well we are off to Halong bay, we are really looking forward to our overnight stay on the bay, relaxation, seafood and a beautiful world heratage site, until then.