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Belinda and Erwin’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 08 Dec 2007

Location: Halong Bay, Vietnam

MapHalong Bay was awesome, sensational just the most beautiful place. It was romantic and the view as good as the post cards.

We sailed on this junkboat. There were 4 couples with more staff than tourists and each couple had a guide that spoke their language to support them during the trip. We were the only English speaking couple as the others were all french. In vietnam a lot of french people visit. We have however been observing the french and have found a facial feature consistent across all the tourists we come across and that is their nose, often larger and pointed. The men always wore safari vests and this was probably the biggest give away.

Back to Halong bay.

The view was amazing and we hope to get photos up soon. The polution has been bad in vietnam, the locals say it is only in winter. We climbed a mountain that gave us a lovely view, climbed through caves and took a rowing boat through mountain grottos.

This was in between fresh seafood for 2 lunches and a dinner that was a banquet for every meal. It was amazing the boat still floated with the food they brought out.

Halong bay is a must see location if you every visit Vietnam probably our second favourite location to Hoi an.

Well tomorrow we fly home, we have had a fantastic time but we can hear our own bed calling us. We will do a final wrap up and put the rest of our photos up.

Thank you for sharing our adventure, it was very nice to see new messages and the number of people who had visited our site. We look forward to sharing our adventures.

Until Australia.......