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Ahuva Priya’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 13 Nov 2007

Location: Delhi, India

MapMy first day in Delhi.. i arrived at 4:30am after a 6 hr delay in Kiev, where i slept on an airport bench... a good start to my chosen 'gypsy phase'.... i arrived and waited for Amit, my friend from toronto to pick me up.. he showed up in his brand new little car- and a bottle full of indian tea... we drove around town- passed by the presidents' house- which seemed to be a jungle on the outside- from the amount of monkeys hanging out outside...
we passed by the canadian consulate- but it was only 7 am and they open at 9 am so i'm gonna have to shlep there on my own tom. probably.
When we got to paharganj, the REAL india trip actually started.. cows all over the place... cow dung, a cow actually urinated right in front of our car.. i should have shot it on camera.... lol..
stray dogs EVERYWHERE.. some really cute puppies were playing around.. sooo cute.. but you can't touch them...
little kids on their way to school crammed on these weird looking auto ricksaws and other sorts of vehicles i'm not really sure what they're called..
tons of beggars, and annoying hasslers.. but this is india... ;)
lots of israelis- which is actually comfoting.. i saw a chabad dude down the street in the middle of paharganj so i asked him where the chabbad house is and already visited it twice.... (i can tell i'm on my first day lol)
got friendly with the guy sitting next to me on the flight to delhi- he was on his way to Katmandu (nepal) for a 3 week buddhism retreat. i'm thinking of heading there and joining him.. i will decide by tom.
either way- right now i'm just getting used to this new strange reality of being a traveler, not having a million things to do, a million ppl to think of and interact with.... i'm realizing how deeply attached i am to my world back home.. how many ppl r on my mind as i roam this part of the world.. different things remind me of many of you... and i'm realizing how much of my heart/mind my friends occupy... slowly, i do hope to retreat deeper into my SELF. do some deep healing that only i can access.. and then return- balanced and stronger than ever.... :)
i am still walking around- not sure HOW this trip will get me there, but i KNOW it will! i will MAKE it... ;0)
i am strong, this i know! and i am excited to see what's laying ahead- waiting for me to grab it....
tonight i will spend the night alone in this cheap hotel in paharganj. i hope being alone, in a foreign land- will bring me closer to my soul.
lech-lecha!!!! :)