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Ahuva Priya’s Travel Diary

Monday, 10 Mar 2008

Location: Madikeri, Karnataka, India

MapI'm at the bus station waiting for a bus that will take ma back to Mangalore, Karnataka. I am meeting up there with a buddy i made friends with named Salomon. Indians are sometimes so hospitable. he wanted to invite me to his home, bus since they had relatives staying there, he INSISTED on paying for a hotel room for me, and of cuorse- took me out to dinner... totally sweet. and i feel so grateful for ppl like that who i meet along the way- away from home...
I had been rushing and running around too much in the last week or so, and it caught up with me. my body just caved in- as did my spirit. so i decided to take a break from my vacation- a vacation from the vacation lol.. i looked for the highest area where i was- and discovered this small (relatively, in Indian terms 50,000 ppl) town, on the hilltop in the mountainous area of karnataka. the temperatures were significantly lower. i stayed at the house of Anoop- this Eco fighter who is the 'elephant advocate/ activist'... i had such a relaxing time, just hanging out in his HUGE backyard- looks like a wild forest.. on a hammock... and in my huge bed- which had the BEST mattress i've had so far in india (found out later he paid quit a lot of $ to get this one..)
it was hard to leave.. i had some time to think. to read (finished 'eat, pray love' this AWESOME book about a woman who, following a bad divorce travels across italy, india adn indonesia.. ) it was hard to put it down- and sad when it finished.. what a delightful book!!)
spent shabbat there on my own- fantasizing about 'cholents'... and did quite a bit of thinking, reevaluating, reflecting.. now i'm off back north- towards mumbai, with a few stops and then to Rajastan- and finally in Delhi. my visa expires in April (15th) so i have to decide if i cut the trip short (initially my plan was to stay til about august..) or to to go Nepal, renew my visa and then go to the north of india- for the grand fanallie..
it's strange- when the traveling reality- becomes your life- and you start to get disconnected from 'real life' - working, staying in one place and havnig your own corner...
but this trip has allowed me to reevaluate these things again and realize how important it is for me to settle down sooner or later- adn have my own garden, my own bed, my own kitchen.....
for now- i'm making the most of my lucky fortune- travelign across one of the most beautiful countries in the world!!!
hodu l'hashem ki tov!!!!!!! :) :) :)
love to all!!!!