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Ahuva Priya’s Travel Diary

Monday, 24 Mar 2008

Location: Palolim Beach, India

Mapdearest all!
i'm in Palolim beach after the toughest part of my trip so far.
i had quite a bad stomach problem, and some small guy problem- which is now resolved- making room for a new, fresh page in my life...
i spent over 10 days in om beach, gokarna, karnataka- totally not feeling well... now i'm finally back to myself... shopping (bought two cute dresses for like $3 each today...) and sun tanning, and hopefully will go for a good massage.... and wax... and just pampering myself and nursing myself back to health.. (physical and emotional....)
being a lone traveler, one must cope with whatever challenges that arise- on their own. resorting to their innermost resources..
I've found that in getting closer to g-d and praying... in learning how to love myself more. and accept myself- body and soul...
i've missed my friends alot while going thru this 'downer'.. and have realized how much i rely on my support system when i fall- but realizing i must learn to cope on my own -has been a very powerful lesson for me... and has hopefully made me a stronger person.
i'm now in palolim, on the last week in the south. then off to Rajastan- and back to delhi.
i may have to go to nepal for pesach- or maybe be able to renew my visa for a few weeks- so i can stay in India for pesach.
i thought of leaving and going back to israel- but then decided that i want to leave this trip on a very strong and healthy and positive note - so i still have some work ahead of me- to learn more, and grow more and get even stronger...
israel will wait for me- but my trip is leading me closer and closer to my roots- and to a yearning i have to my faith, to my people and to my own self (and g-d...)
so by the time i move to israel- g-d willing- i will be so thirsty for more knowledge and closeness to our spirituality and wisdom and GOOD PEOPLE- i realized at the 'bayit hayehudi' that the kind of Jewish warmth that i need can only be found closest to home.. in my people- the faith abiding ones....
so i'm excited to get closer to it-whether from abroad or from home...
miss you all!
thinking of you!