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Ahuva Priya’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 22 Jun 2008

Location: Jerusalem, Israel

MapTwo months in Israel!! wow! who would have predicted this??
Two months of living at home, in Har Nof, a religious neighbourhood in Jerusalem, and actually- it is not sooo bad. not at all!
i've had time to really digest and chew over a lot of the past few months, of my trip to India and of my journey- and where I stand in life in general... really- a great opportunity to reevaluate my life- where i'm at and where i'm headed...
I actually feel that staying quite stationary for a few months- has been very good for me.. i have a vonage phone in my room- spent a good few hours calling Toronto and NY and LA and speaking to all my dear friends (almost all- and it took a while.. i had to split it up so i can eventually get to almost everyone... )
i have my internet. laptop compliments of Oren- my dear friend.. (thank you!!) hope to get my own laptop soon!!!
i have been resting, going to this great class named 'Yemima', which is a system of self-awareness based on classes taught by the late 'yemima avital'. (you can google it- it's quite interesting..) have been making new friends!! (amazing ppl) and hanging out with old friends... i traveled a bit- mainly the North of Israel. but primarily- just reorienting myself...
now i'm starting to feel this huge wave of energy piling up- and me ready to go out and do some really great things- both personally and professionally. I'm feeling very confidant in my skill-set and my ambition and determination. I feel like i'm at that stage in life- where i'm still young and strong- yet i'm confidant and experienced.. it's a great space!
can't wait to see what's waiting for me around the corner... :)
I'm happy to be in Israel right now- the weather is great! Israel is as beautiful and flourishing as i've seen it in the last few years...
economically as well- Israel is at its height.. the only issue with that is that my dollars are running out really fast.. time to make shkalim!! ;)
i also love the endless options for classes and circles to hang with.. i've been to the spring rainbow gathering- and have made some new friends there... have been hanging out in Nachlaot (the artsy part of Jerusalem) and met many old friends- made some new ones too... and have spent quite some time in Har nof- often at the Jerusalem Forest (cycling or walking or meditating) and really enjoying the nature...
so- all in all- life's good! i'm really getting stronger and stronger- and will very soon need to put all this energy somewhere!! :)
miss you all!
and sending love to anyone who happens to stumble on my pages...
luv luv luv!
Ahuva Priya!!!!!!!!!!