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Vic’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 17 Nov 2007

Location: Plane to Osaka, Japan

MapThis morning I woke up just before 6.30. That gave me the shits cos I was so incredibly tired, but at the same time so full of excitement and adrenaline. I couldn't even do anything about the adrenaline... I just had to wait it out. I'm writing this on the plane because I'm bored. I'm listening to Mogwai and the sun is setting over the clouds, somewhere over the pacific ocean on my left. I'm almost de-stressed from work, and I'm trying my best to forget about it completely. I think we're currently just a bit north of PNG, but there's no way to tell unless I go and have a chat with the pilots, but that's way too much effort. I brought a bunch of reading material to keep me entertained, my eyelids keep getting heavy after each paragraph or so. There's a weird old lady to my right who keeps staring at me in a very creepy way, and the girls behind me are rather loud and keep bumping my highly fragile seat. Another four hours to go...