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Vic’s Travel Diary

Monday, 19 Nov 2007

Location: Kyoto, Japan

MapWe spent two days cycling around Kyoto like mad men. It was the most fun EVER. We rode our rented bikes from temple to temple, taking in all things pretty, and all things zen. The temples were absolutely fascinating and stunningly beautiful. The Autumn leaves all around the temples are as picturesque as the temples themselves. Together, the beauty is rather synergistic (omg... did I just think that? I'm such a geek...).

By far the best experience of this trip so far (and possibly the best experience of my life so far) has been the bike riding. Kyoto is incredibly flat, which warrants incredibly easy and relaxing rides around town. Between the temples we visited, going home, going out eating and drinking, I've literally had a smile that stretched from one side of my face to the other. Riding down random alleyways with no sense of direction and being completely carefree, in a city which is oozing of quaint japanese culture, was pretty much the most pleasurable experience ever.

As a cherry on the top of our Kyoto cupcake, we randomly found (almost) the best bar in the world (in our humble opinions) in Gion. It was called "Sent James" (A an Engrish typo I would assume). It was dark and smoky. Light instrumental blues jazz played just above the volume of the light chatter around us. The room was lit by two or three small spotlights, their light showing slightly slanted columns of swirling smoke. There were more than 50 different whiskeys to choose from on the menu. Bryan chose a
Laphroaig, Nick chose an Aberlour, and I got the 18yo Glenfiddich. Our table next to the window overlooked the river, and all was peaceful in the world.

Of course, plenty of photos were taken, and I'll post some more as I get time to go through them and pick some out. Only problem is that we don't really have any down time, unless we're incredibly tired, and during that time, I'm too tired!