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Vic’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 21 Nov 2007

Location: Sapporo, Asahidake Onsen, Japan

MapWe picked up the car in the morning. It was so weird driving in another country. It took me ages to get used to driving with the different looking traffic lights and street signs. I was already used to seeing them, but driving is an entirely different context to walking (or riding a bike). We went to the shops again, because I lost my beanie the night before (from now on, to be referred to as "the bunny night"). I hadn't even used it after I bought it. In fact, I hadn't even removed it from its extravagant packaging. I had it in my bag, and then several hours (and drinks) later, it wasn't in my bag. Nick and Bryan were surprised at how well I took it. In fact, I was more distraught over losing the lid to my lip balm. OK, so I bought a new beanie. Bryan pointed out that the new beanie needed to be better and more expensive than the one I lost else I would always regret losing the original one. During my new beanie purchase, I lost my donut. Crap!

We headed up the mountains to Asahidake Onsen, and I became a little scared of driving all over again when the road started to get icy. Road textures which I was unaccustomed to in a foreign driving system. This was doubly bad. At least the Japanese drive on the left hand side of the road. When we got further into the mountains, it began to snow. The snow covered trees lining the mountains were beautiful; it was a view that I only ever imagined to be in the TV. Every time we turned a corner and a new vista appeared, one or more of us would exclaim something along the lines of "Wow!", "WAA! Sugoi! Sugoi!" or "OMFG!!1". This continued for a while, and then it started to really snow. There was, like, omg, soooo much snow. And I was all like "I can't seeeee and stuff!". We were pretty annoyed with the snow after a bit of this, especially considering we couldn't see any of the snow covered beauty with all that bloody snow in the way of it.

After we arrived at the hotel which the concierge at the Sheraton had booked for us, we went for a walk up the hill and the snow was... Snow snow snow snow snow snow snow. I can't be bothered to write this bit right here. It's just about the snow, and how much there was. Snow snow. Snow snow snow snow. Snow.

The three of us stripped and together we experienced something pretty damn relaxing. Onsen, of course. However, we were later to find out that the one in our hotel isn't that nice in comparison to so many others out there and yearning for us to dip into. There were three different temperatures of water available: the not so hot one, the hot one, and the really hot one. I sat in the hot one too long, and I realised this when I got out because I became really dizzy and my legs almost gave out.

It seems that dinner every night (except on the plane of course) has been totally amazing, and the best dinner we have ever had, except each night it's in a different way. Tonight's was awesome because we were served about 10-15 exquisitely presented dishes. There was so much food and so much variety that I couldn't decide where to start... Most of it was seafood based, and much of it was quite weird but all was wonderful. I had a raw prawn and raw squid for the first time, and there was some weird creature which lived inside a spirally sea shell. The tastes and the textures were totally foreign, but I was keen to try it all, especially if I had doubts about it!