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Vic’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 24 Nov 2007

Location: Furano, Japan

MapWe left Muroran and drove to Furano. It was a pretty boring day - driving, a boring lunch, checking in to our cottage, laundry, returning the car, etc. The cottage we stayed at was awesome. It was big enough to fit probably ten people, but since it was the off season, I got it at a crazy price, amounting to only approximately $66 a night each. We had a kitchen so we decided to cook our own dinner. We went grocery shopping and I had a field day at the supermarket. There was so much fresh produce that was new to me... My mind was whirring with recipe ideas as I frolicked between the sections, smelling and feeling everything available, especially if I had no idea what it was. We also bought cheese and crackers... it was crap!