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Vic’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 27 Nov 2007

Location: Furano, Japan

MapWell, skiing was lots of fun, but nothing particularly interesting or cultural or different about it. I may as well have been skiing in Australia, except that the snow wouldn't have been as good. On the first day, I crashed into trees and twisted my knee. It took me about a day to relearn what I had forgotten from eight years ago, and after that I was relatively OK again. Not OK compared to the other crazy people who were whizzing past us straight down the mountain at the speed of sound...

On the second day it rained a bit, so Nick got a bit wary on the morning of the third day because it was probably going to be a bit icy on the slopes. Thusly, he indulged in his onsen fetish and went up the mountains in search of onsen instead. Bryan stayed in the cottage all day because he was tired of constantly doing stuff. Meanwhile, I persevered with the skiing, dealing with the ice as well I could. In fact I only stacked it twice on the third and last day! I was quite proud of myself.

It was good that we all finally got a break from each other and that we could do what we wanted to do rather than what somebody else wanted to do, although I think we all wanted to do what the others did too.