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dorns at large’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 16 Jan 2005

Location: Kirchberg, Austria

MapFinally got aronud to downloading a few photos from the start of the trip. Alot of them I didnt put on CD and just printed straight out so if you are lucky you can see those when I get home.
Well the holiday is over and its back to London and work now. It was an emotional time to say the least, but we all survived.
Jake and I got back from Austria yesterday, that was an excellent week. When we got back from Edinburgh we decided to hit the slopes somewhere so it was onto the internet. Found this deal in Austria which was half the price of any other so booked it on the Wednesday night and flew out Friday morning.
We arrived at the resort in the late afternoon with a guy from Perth and a young fella from California to meet the rest of the crew. It was too late to hit the slopes so we got all our gear organised for the next day and it was off to the pub. The austrians are a party race, when we got to the local at 4.30pm there were people dancing and singing on tables and the bar, early starters. To close the bar they cover it in some sort of alcomohol and light it. Good times.
i wont go into too much detail about that first night but i will say that the staff at habitat knew us pretty well the next morning. After a couple of rough hours sleep it was an early rise and up the hill to our 1st day of pain. Of course being pros we decided that lessons were not needed.... bad idea. ook a while to reach the bottom of the 1st hill and was met with a T-bar, not fun on when your snowboard experience spans a whole hour.. Needless to say half way up i came a gutser much to the amusement of the locals. Next move, undo bindings and walk down for round 2, but hold board, i forgot the latter. The board shot off down the hill next to the T-bar. It took me around 3 hours to retrieve it and make my way back to the top due to hip deep snow and a serious lack of energy and motivation. Anywho, got back up, an instructor helped me up the lift and that was me for the day. Close of play on day one, mountain 1, Nick 0.
Sunday night was another biggn, Jake and i hit the locals with our guide for the night Wally after a little 9 pin bowling. Photos of the masks and wigs tell the story of that one.
Early rise again Monday and back up the hill. Feeling a litle better today as i managed some breakfast. Up and away and after a few falls am feeling confident and wait half way down for Jakey to catch up, waiting, waiting.. One good buster and hed ripped the bindings off the board, end of day 2 for the big man. I stayed on for a few more hours, got a few runs out, good day. Mountain1, Nick 1. Back to the bar. Bit quieter that night, just cards and a few pints. Lost a few Euros though, damn you Bob.
Jake and i split fro the crew Tuesday as i needed to buy some new gloves and he needed a new board. headed up the hill together, did some quality boarding and conquered the T-bar. good day.. Mountain 1, Nick 2..
Back to the bar for a dinner and a dew before heading up the hill again for a little night time tubing. All was going to plan, cruise down the hill on rubber tubes, Steveo stopped you before the fence and shed, down a couple of shots, then back up and start again. about an hour into it the snow plough man came to resurface and told us the game was up, finito.. Like hell, one last run was in order and this time we would double up to increase velocity. Speed definately at least doubled, but control... out the window, by the time we reached the bottom there was no stopping us. Estimated speed, 40km/h, only brakes available, a wooden shed at the bottom. We hit this and it sounded like thunder, we both bounced off and lay there wondering what was broken. luckily no serious damage was done but there are some nice bruises showing now.
Mountain 8, Nick -5. at this pointi stopped scoring!
No boarding the next day, way too sore but the bar was open another quality night at the club habitat bar.
the next day it took a while to rise and Jakey was still way too messed up to head up so me and Bryce (Californian) went up and did the run from the top of the mountain back to the village. Good times, plenty more falls. That night i was totally drained so it was an early to try some quality boarding on our last day on the slopes.
Early rise and i follwed the crew up to a few different runs, they shot off down a few black runs and i restrained myself to the much friendlier blues. Did a few nice runs, attempted my 1st jump and ended up wrapped backwards around a pole.... done very gracefully though. Had a little lunch at the top of the mountain then off on another run, alls well til about half way down when my board decided to go out in sympathy with Jakeys and the bindings snapped off. End of boarding for dorns..
There was a farewell party that night (as if they needed an excuse) which ended around 6 am then up at 7 to head to Munich for our return flight to London.
Was an awesome week but its back to London and work, boring. Hope this finds you all well look forward to hearing some goss from back home. Take it easy and hope to hear from you all soon,