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dorns at large’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 02 Mar 2005

Location: London, UK

MapHello Australia, hows the sunny side of the world.. We are back in London punching out a bit of work and trying to put a bit away for the next trip to Dublin on paddies day.
Had a few large weekends out here since the last update. We work with a couple of irish larks who organised for 10 of us to go up to Edinburgh for the Ireland Scotland six nations match. Massive weekend. Dave and myself worked from 5am thursday morning till 6am Friday morning then boarded the train to edinburgh at 9, full of energy..... Went to the pub for lunch and that was us till sunday at 6pm when the train came back to london. Big Joey came down aswell on the Saturday for the match, in form as always. It was a top weekend but the accomidation was questionable. We stayed in a backpackers which was in the centre of town, nice, but smelt like the treatment plant in Bondi. not nice.. On the first night some random guy got into our room (which had 22 bunk beds) and left two not so pleasent surprises for us in the morning. Other than that though it was all good.
Dave , Jake and me went to the hilltop hoods concert last friday night at the Cargo in london. the place was packed, awesome concert. we wangled a place on the guest list but because it was sold out, werent going to be let in. A bit of smooth talking and money spinning by the snake changed that.
That weekend began on the thursday night with a fair well for Joey Stephen, (a couple of quiet beers) and ended at 3am on Monday morning, feeling slightly human again now.
the party industry is quiet during the early months because of the cold and excessive xmas shopping i suppose so we are chasing cash work until it starts again in a couple of weeks. Dublin and Gallipoli and our next ventures, probably see a couple of you there. Will make sure to take some more photos at these and might even snavell a few of some of the larger parties we have done to show you the scale of them and rediculous amounts of money people throw into one night. Hope all is well with everyone and keep us updated on any juicy stuff that is going on. Till next time, take it easy...... Dorns and Dave