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Wednesday, 18 May 2005

Location: Turkey

Mapwe're back. where was i, so the next day we wake up in eceabate unsure of what we were going to do. the idea was to head south but we found that turkey is much bigger than we thought, to go down and be back in time for the flight on saturday would mean two days of solid busing and only 2 days relaxing, arse to that. thats when we met our mate ned. he owned a string of yachts that do cruises from fetye to olympos, 4 days 3 nights, and decided to stay for an extra week, excellent choice.
we ended up on the ferry and bus to selcuke through a fella dave bought a t-shirt off and away we went. on the bus we met a bunch of kiwi girls who were headed in the same direction, thats when the fun began! at the end of the trip we had sorted a place to stay in secuke thanks to tony, the owner of a hostel in town with 6 kiwi and 6 aussie girls, nice one tone.
we stayed in selcuke for two nights, excellent place. tony and his family drove us where ever we wanted to go. saw ephisus, the buried city, that was very impressive (photos later) and had a nightout in a neighbouring town, can't remember the name. the evening started on the roof of the hostel which was decked out mediterranian style, very nice, with a few beers and a lot of raki, the local fire water. we bused it into town and hit one of the clubs. they employ blokes over there to dance and get everyone excited and up on the floor. quite didnt take long and i was up pulling out the macarana! the drinks are free pour and the bar men are not shy so after a few more rakis and rums, we stumbled outside and back to bed.
the next morning we got a bus down to fetye to board the yacht the followin morning. had a cruise around the markets, a massive 3 course feed that totalled about £10 and retired for the day.
the next morning we got up and headed to the docks to mount the boat.
unsure of what to expect, us and the 6 oz girls boarded an old wooden yacht. the crew were all locals and as excited as us at the ratio of girls to boys. from then on it was feet up and effes (the local beer) on the deck, not alloed to lift a finger. the photos will give you an idea of the water but not quite like being there. you could dead set see thebottom of the sea where ever you went. we docked at butterfly cove and i didnt want to dive in cause i thought it was too shallow, on further inspection, i nearly got the bends trying to touch the floor.
each day we awoke to a cooked breakfast at around 9.30, then it was in for a swim then on the decks to recover from the night before. after lunch, back on the effes,and so the cycle continues. it was amazing, i have never been so relaxed in my life. totally recommended to anyone, even you oldies. we had a 45 year old on our boat, the producer of victorias country hour on abc radio. tried to make an add for him one morning, you know the one where you draw the symbol, couple of breky vodkas ruined that, makes for funny viewing though. made a love tape to myph (Triple J) aswell, think she wants me!
on the last night of the cruise, all the yachts dock in a little cove that consists entirely of one night club. there was around 12 yachts all together so it made for a good night out. funny though, all the males had, over the past 4 days , become very protective of their heiroms, so it was a little bighty to start but once the raki hit, it was all love and candy!
unfortunately the next day meant the end of the trip. we unboarded? at olympos and proceeded to book into a tree house where we would stay for the next 3 nights. olympos is a one street town that follws a dry river bed. it is around 3km long and is full of hostels, pubs, night clubs and kebab shops, and thats it. a bed, dinner and breakfast will set you back AUS$15 a night, and the food was amazing. caught up with maroulis and cuppa again and the same old shenanigans continued for thr next three evenings. worn out ready for a quiet night in we left olympos and headed for istanbul then back to london. awesome all round trip, definately doable again.
back in london and broke again it was back to dry bread and water, for a couple of months, now off to spain! bring on the bulls! hope you enjoy the photos and will try and update on a more regular basis now we are not working 26 hoursa day 8 days a week. hope to hear from you all soon, take it easy.