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Sam’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 10 Jan 2008

Location: Canada

MapHola, work has slowed down and I am now able to close the shop early. The other day I closed at 2pm and went boarding for the rest of the day. Yeah this is the life.

Thanks to everyone that has sent me emails and left messages. I am having a few email issues so I know that you will not have received many if any from me.

I also went into the nearest town the other day and bought new boarding clothes. This way I can leave one set a work for when I close early and have a set at home if I need them on my day off. I now do not need to spend any more money.

A group of us are organising to go to a Flames ice hockey game in Calgary. Looking forward to that. I havnt been able to get out of Kananaskis since I got here. I am starting to get a little restless.

I am going to take 3 days off work in the hopefully near future and go to Lake Louise. I will let you all know how I go. Should be good.

We have got our monthly staff party on Monday, yay I have got the day off and the Tuesday so should be good fun. The weather has not been too cold lately only -11 or something so we are having a tropical theme.

I have decided that I am going to do the snowboard instructors course, next month. It is being held at Lake Louise there are a few of us wanting to do it so it will be good fun.

I think that is all I have to update you on at the moment.

love sam