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Sam’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 26 Feb 2008

Location: Kananaskis, Canada

MapHi All

Not too much has happened since the last entry. I guess the most exciting thing is that we went on a pub crawl in Calgary. A party bus was hired. It was a really good time. It picked us up from Manor at 7pm and we had a hours drive to Calgary. The bus had lights music and poles. Most people were already drunk so it was a pretty fun drive. We only went to 3 pubs but the bus didnt leave the last one until 5am. We got home at 6am and then went to work at 7am, most of us still drunk. Made for an interesting day at work.

I also went iceskating with Michelle at the local ice hockey rink. Havent been iceskating for ever. So I had a good time finding my feet. We spent a couple of hours going round and round in circles, doesnt sound too interesting but it was an outside rink so it was nice.

My boss Nelson took me and Kim (the girl I work with) out to dinner in Calgary for making really good sales. We went to a semi fancy place and ate too much. Then we went to a sports bar and went 10 pin bowling and played on the games machines.

The only other thing that has been happening is that the boys I live with have got a bit of cabin fever and have made a rail/terrain park in our from yard. It is pretty cool. They have some 3 jumps (one is to clear the steps), a barrel to jib on a rainbow rail, a rail and are currently in the process of making a box. Quite often by the time I walk home they are out in the yard and want me to get photos. I have managed to get a few good shots. There is one guy Macka who can do back flips. I got a really good photo of him mid flip. Watching them makes me want get better at snowboarding. I keep practicing my jumps and stuff but they give me motivation. They make it look so easy.

Ok for future activities. I am going away to Banff for 4 days. I am spending 1 day in Banff, 1 day at Lake Louise, 1 day at Kicking Horse and 1 day at Sunshine. I am soooo excited about it. My boss is also trying to get us free tickets to COP (Calgary Olympic Park) for some night riding. Oh yeah, and Eddy the Eagle came to visit the other day, crasyness!

My plans have changed as far as what I am doing after the season finishes here. I am going hire a car and to do a tour of the other resorts like Silverstar, Big White, Ferney and then Whistler. I am then going on a tour of East of Canada with Moose travel. Michelle is coming with me on that. After that I am going to get a tour of South America finishing in Santiago, Chile, where I am going to stay with some friends and go snowboarding in the Uni holidays. After that I am heading to the UK and then Zew Zealand. I would like to go to Japan for their winter. I will see about that though. I have to decide with Mark what we want to do.

I think that is about all I have to tell everyone.

Oh quick reminder, I am on facebook. I am able to update it easier than this blog so it is a little more up-to-date. I will try to work on getting the photos updated on my blog so keep checking.

love you all