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Sam’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 06 Mar 2008

Location: Banff, Canada

MapHi All

I have just been on a 4 day trip to Banff. I was going to do the insturctors course but due to money issues we cancelled. We did how ever still go to Banff as we had organised the days off. Banff is beautiful. It is a tourist town in the Rocky Mountain only 1 hour from where I am working/living. I spent one day walking around the town shopping. Spending money I shouldn't on things I shouldn't. I then spent one day at Sunshine Village. A beautiful ski resort 20mins from Banff. We had perfect weather. I spent alot of time learning to be braver. Practicing jumps, and going through the glades.

We then spent the next two days at Lake Louise Resort. I had not been there before and it is amazing. The runs are so long and there are sooo many of them. We spent our time on the front of the mountain but there are runs off the back of the mountain as well. We spent alot of time in the park. I learned to ride a wall. (literally a wall with a ramp of snow leading to it) and I also learned to ride a box (a table top type thing, of varying widths, lengths, angles and shapes). I was on the beginner one but it was still scary. I had to jump a gap of approx 2 foot to get on to it and then you must keep your board perfectly flat or you will catch an edge and you will fall, no two ways about it. I fell once as I was unloading the box. I fell about a meter flat on my back hitting the right side of my body (it was up hill) and my head really hard I also winded myself. I shook it off and tried again. Still I had a headache for the rest of the day. Good thing I wear a helmet.

Due to the schedule I also had the following two days off work as well. I spent the first day at Nakiska working off the soreness from my fall although most of the day was spent in the lifties hut at the top of the beginner run watching people fall over. Nasty i know but soo funny. That night we had a big dump so I was back at the mountain the following day riding in fresh powder. I had a awesome time. I spent some of the day by myself hitting little jumps and I even rode a narrow box (only the width of my board). The rest of the day I was with some of my friends teaching them to turn and ride in powder. Going so slow meant I was able to ride the blue runs in switch which was good practice for me.

Pablo leaves in four days time. I am a bit sad about that, losing my best buddy here. Oh well bound to happen, I'll get over it. I might be able to get back to Lake Louise next week. One of the girls has invited me to go I just have to change my days off and hopfully she has her car back. Cant wait.

love sam