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Bradley’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 13 Nov 2007

Location: Tripoli, Libya

MapDay 8:

I'm back in the internet cafe today so I thought I'd update yesterdays entries. There was a major change in tourism for Libya today, but I'll come to that in a minute.

Today the group headed to the Tripoli museum, but I ditched out so I could start work on some of the trip reports and send off an email to Kev (my boss) to let him know how everything was going. I had an email about him about passport translations but it didn't become apparant how important that was and how lucky we all are until we got to the embassy. In the afternoon, we (bar our one Kiwi) all walked over to the Australian consulate to vote in the election. When we were there the consul told us we were extremely lucky to get into Libya, as two days ago the Libya officials, without warning, had started demanding translations of passports in Arabic, and were turning away anyone who didn't have one!! If we had arrived two days after what we did, we would NOT have gotten into Libya, and CHRIST would I have had a mess on my hands!! We would have to go back to the Australian embassy in Cairo, and gotten an official translation there. It would have been to TOTAL DISASTER. So Al-Humdullah (Thank God) for that!!!!!!

We all got translations to exit Libya, but of course our Kiwi didn't come, so tomorrow everyone's going to head to Leptis Magna (THE site of Libya) while I get a translation of his passport and try to catch them up in a cab...all part of the job...