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Finchy’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 20 Nov 2007

Location: Australia

MapIts another hot day here in Queensland.

I have today booked up my tickets to Byron Bay but have not booked any accommodation which is always good. Met some really cool people and tonight i am taking part in "mini olympics" which should be a good laugh.

On wednesday i am heading to Australia Zoo (Steve Irwin's Zoo). I will take loads of photos to upload, hopefully i will still have all my limbs left at the end of the day. Quite looking forward to handling a croc (Baby of course) which should be eventful. Had a proper look around Brisbane centre today which brought some memories of the last time i was here.

Well time to say goodbye as i am off to the castlemaine xxxx factory which is just two minutes walk to and 2 hour stagger back from.

Take care.