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Finchy’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 21 Nov 2007

Location: Australia

MapHello readers,

It was good to see all those messages on my page today, they really meant alot to me as it is quite strange not having friends and family around.

Unfortunately i missed the zoo today due to me being lazy and not getting up on time. i think i will scrap watching the football in the morning and get my ass in gear to go to the zoo. I must be crazy to want to habdle a croc and snakes rather than sit in the pub at six in the morning.

Been trying to plan a couple more things to do outside Brisbane as it is quite expensive (mum). I am going to book my ticket to Byron tomorrow as it looks amazing and some of the beaches are meant to be some of the best in oz. I may only stay there for two weeks or so and then head down to sydney for the festive period as there is more i would like to see in New South Wales.

I will leave it there as i have to prepare myself for a beach party tonight. Think of me when you are at work in that cold weather as i will be probably suffering and probably barfing.

Love you all,