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Friday, 30 Nov 2007

Location: Rushden, England

MapBy popular demand a journal entry has been created for those who's sins are greed and gluttony for the latest Rushden Rumours; so they can stuff their already full faces with as much gossip as possible!

So here I am sitting in my comfortable bedroom thinking of more and more things that I may have to do before I depart on Monday morning. The sense of having forgotten something important is quite overwhelming I have to admit! Although I am quite chuffed that I have managed to get all of my CD's on to my iPod - a task of course which is FAR from tedious! I think I have everything sorted although i'm sure there will be something that will spring to mind once I land in Thailand - "Sh*t I forgot to scrub off the "RS Woz Ere 07" graffiti tag I left outside the bingo hall!" - will probably be it!

So the bit you I'm sure you were all salivating at the prospect of - My trip in to the High Street on Wednesday! Many of you will be shocked to know that Budgens has been replaced by yet another cheap kitsch shop - Wilkinsons - "The Harrods of pound shops!" A quick shuffle past the checkouts to get to the post office for some Thai currency confirmed that in fact a pound shop is actually what the town needs as it seems the majority of people in the town only seem to have a pound (purely stereotyping on the way they dress). A queue the length of the Great Wall of China at the PO wasn't exactly appealing to me so a brisk walk was taken to First Choice for some Baht (Thai currency for those who aren't as smug as me) A blonde Whale and a Brunette Hippo were working in there and "Yeah we 'ent got none but we can order you some. It will be 'ere tomorra and we'll give you a ring when it's 'ere" Well thats all very well Blonde Whale but where's my phone call informing me of it's imminent arrival?!?! Luckily I'm resourceful enough to be able to think I can just in fact use a cash machine at the airport in Bangkok to get some Baht (Ray Mears you are my hero - how I've learnt so much from your programmes on BBC2. One day I like to think a signed life size poster of Ray posing in just his Khaki shorts and backpack will sit proudly next to my mahogany book case in my study)

Well as you can probably tell I do in fact not have much left to plan (what I can think of anyway) and yes hopefully this will be used as a Travel Blog rather than a rambling one in the future!

Til Bangkok - Smell ya later!