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Shavey’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 05 Dec 2007

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

MapAfternoon from a sweaty, smog filled Bangkok!

So after our flight we landed, myself amid a lot of intrepedationa s to what the place was going to be like and actually how the whole adventure would be like! A little nervous I was as we took off from Bangkok, even more excited I was when I sat down on the plane and explored what the in-flight entertainment was. Sadly it wasn't Babestation but a plethora (yes I'm flexing my big word muscles here - "which way to the dictionary beach") of new releases, tv programmes, documentaries, news stations, on emand music from newly released albums and some games. The games were pretty tosh to be honest but this was not enough to dampen my enthusiasm!! I'm not the best sleeper on transport (long legs and all) and having loads of stuff to take away my boredom was a rareity!

So we got here and decided to be adventurous and get a bus rather than the taxi (which was recommended by the hostel website for first time arrivers) I don't know why as it was the easiest thingin the world. They ask you where you want to get off and they drop you there (if its ont he same route they are going obviously.) All for 100 times cheaper too!

We were then greeted by a guy who just came over and started speaking to us! Very poilte I thought, but I let my naiivity get the better of me, I should have known there was a sinister chink in his charming, friendly demeanour!!

- Chief of Police are you - Where's the uniform?!? I thought later
- Your Brother lives in London - Thats convenient! I thought later.
- You're going out of your way to tell us about "THE Official Thai Tourist Information Centre" that sells plane, train tickets and hotel rooms when EVERYWHERE is booked up - You're a trickster............................ I thought later. We didn't get scammed out of any money but later another guy approached us and we took his mate's tuk tuk (three wheeled motored mode of transport) to this "official" ticket office. Turned out to be a travel agent. They are official as they are approved by the Thai Government etc but they of course out to make a profit from ususpecting travellers. However, myself and Salv clocked on to this as soon as we stepped through the door, listened to her spiel (which was trying to organise us on a tour for 30 days) and then proceed to tell her we could do it cheaper ourselves - a remark she proceeded to get the hump about! haha!

Jeez I ramble on so will try to condense the next few points (Armo your reading skills will have improved ten fold by the time you get to the bottom of this - but I can't promise you'll be able to spell your own name! haha!!)

Walked round Bangkok last night, saw most fo the sight si think. Today is the Kings Birthday so everywhere hasd been jazzed up some what and the streets were packed last nigth as there was a fireworks display last nigth round the cities largest and fames momuments! Everyone is also dressed up in either yellow or pink tops/tshirts too - at first I thought they might have all worked at Thailand's (and the world's) largest Netto but it turns out the King's favourite day - Tuesday - is somewhat related to the colour Yellow. Am sure that's what a guy explained to us. Although with only having an hours sleep on the flight I could be hugely confused - but feel free to WOW someone with that little fact at some point! Off now on an overnight 11 hour train journey to Surat Thai - en route to our destination of Phuket, which requires another 6 hour bus trip!

Hope you are all well and enjoy the cold weather! MUWHAHAHA! I'm off to buy a bottle of somethingt o help me sleep on the train (we do get a bed but I'm not sure how comfortable it's going to be)

Speak to you all soon! (Yes I one day might hopefully come up with a philisophical ending to my entries or with a though for the day so keep looking it might someday appear!)

Take it sleazy - much the like Sex Tourists with their obvious Thai conquests here! xxx