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Shavey’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 09 Dec 2007

Location: Phuket, Thailand

MapCan't believe the amount of Brits over in Vegas for the Hatton fight! And the fact that they only had one song to sing all night - well two if you count the "The Referee's a w*nker one too!!" We got up early and headed in to town a bit fuzzy headed after a few beers last night to watch the fight. Have to say Floyd has a reason to be cocky as he is an excellent fighter I thought - despite constantly ducking and turning his head! Very clever fighting though I suppose!

Last nigth a few of us were having a few beers in the hostel and couldn't really decide what to do and we didn't really want to head to Patong as it's basically a seedy/sleazy Blackpool! Phuket Town is pretty quite but we stumbled upon a road side bar - cbasically a tin hut that served bottles with a few bar stalls on the side. Was cool - and the barman went aoff on his scooter and picked us up some fried chicken! Thats what I call service! Something the Needle & Awl could learn from!

Beaches here are cool - were down on Karon and Kata beach for two days! Both are resort based which is a bit poo but both pretty quiet despite being sun bed central! White sand & clear water and no screaming kids though so musn't grumble.

Heading off to Phi Phi Island tomorrow for more beach lounging! Have to get up for a 7 o'clock mornign leave but it's a small sacrifice!!

Hope all the flashing lights and carols are not doing your heads in too much yet!