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Shavey’s Travel Diary

Friday, 14 Dec 2007

Location: Ko Lanta, Thailand

MapFirst of all may I warn all avid readers that the requests for photos may have to wait a while. Tuesday night some f*cking scoundrel came in to our room while we were sleeping and stole Salv's wallet and camera that he had left on the side! Can't believe it. We had gone to bed early and sober and can't believe we didn't hear anyone come in. Granted we had forgotten to lock the door but still - the cheek of the fecker to come in while we were sleeping!! Anyway these things are sent to try us I suppose and are part of life and the whole experience. It's just very annoying that there are people like that out there!

Phi Phi as an island was pretty different to what I've experienced so far. No cars or taxi drivers hassling you. The place had a sort of student campus/village to it. Shops and restaurants and bars are all lined up next to each other. I say shops - more like stalls but it was cool and relaxed! Went on a boat tour round Phi Phi to see all the different beaches etc. Went to the beach where they filmed.............The Beach (along with every other tourist) but in all it was cool. The scenery there was so dramatic. Huige cliffs surround little coves, beaches and lagoons! The night life was a bit more busy but only really about 5 or 6 main bars that stayed open til 2. Wednesday i don't even think I lasted til 2! Stumbled off back to the room absolutely smashed after over indulging on the whiskey buckets!! Never ever am I getting drunk the night before having to leave for our next destination! The ferry over to Ko Lanta was the longest 2 hours ever! And the fact that we were getting hassled by guys trying to get us accomodation I was ready to throw the next guy off the boat who was offering "Beach Bungalow"

We did in fact end up in said bungalow - but I left Irsih Phil to sort that out! And for $4.50 a night its not too shabby! My own double bed and shower and literally 10 seconds from the beach too! Ko Lanta is a really chilled out place. The beach isn't as nice as some I've seen in Thailand but has some great little bars and restaurants right on the beach! Last night we ate at a cool little place that had loads of cushions and pillows dotted round the bar where you could sit down and chill. Even a couple of raised areas in the trees where you could chillax overlooking the beach! Very Moroccan and chilled out. We're staying here for another night tonight and then getting the 8a.m ferry back to the mainland to Krabi. Think it's another beach resort but will stay a few days til we decide where we're heading to next!

Hope the Xmas & NYE plans are going well back home! Anyone up to anything exciting?!