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Shavey’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 27 Dec 2007

Location: Ko Lipe, Thailand

MapAhoy hoy planet ranger readers! Hope you all had a good Xmas Day and an even messier Xmas Eve and Boxing Day!

So we are now on the islands that make up Ko Tarutao Nationla Park. Sunday our first stop was the biggest of the islands - Ko Tarutao itself. As the ferry pulled in to the pier all you could see was a massive stretch of white deserted sandy beach! Just perfect I thought to chill out on and continue for getting my bronze on (this is in no way shape or form a euphamism for anything dodgy or sexual - it purely means getting a suntan!) We rocked up to the rangers hut seeking accomodation and were provided with a key to a longhouse! This is basically a row of wooden shacks with nothing but a hard mattress and pillow in the room. As we entered ours we knew we were in for something basic with flies crawling all over our door - seemingly nesting in the large hole at the bottom! As we opened the door we were greeted with an overwhelming stench or urine! Brilliant! So we ditched our bags and headed for the beach. As predicted it was stunning!! There was about 8 other people on the 2mile stretch of beach and it was scorching! The water was crystal clear and warm too! Seems like paradise you might think - and yes it was - tranquil too except for the noise of the birds and the wild monkeys playing near our shack. But for a couple of guys with no form of equipment in the rucksacks for a back to basics trip it was frankly a bit boring. We did a small climb up to a viewpoint on top of a cliff that overlooked the beach and surrounding islands. Was pretty stunning just as the sun was half way to setting - very romantic - shame I was with Salv! hahaha!! We then started on a walk down the only road on the island, of which we had no clue where it led. We were soon surrounded by trees, forest either side and strange noises coming from them. As it was starting to get dark we decided we ought to head back before we got charged by a wild boar or attacked by monkeys! Our decision to only stay here for one night was confirmed when the electricity and all lights were switched off at 10pm and the fact that our room was swarming with ants!

So we headed over to Ko Lipe which we understood was a bit more commercial and with more stuff to do. It is more commercial but not so much so yet that it's swarming with people getting hammered on buckets and drriving scooters. You can also tell its less commercial as there is no 7 - 11 on the island and no ATM's either (yes getting charged 8% to take out cash from a bar is hard to take!!) The island is livelier with about 15-20 bars and restaurants buts it really chilled all the same! Have to say it's the best place I've been to Thailand so far - hopefully it doesnt turn in to the next Ko Samui or Ko Pha-Ngan!

Having spent three nights here we're just killing time before heading to Langkawi which is a Malaysian island. From here we'll be heading down to Kuala Lumpur for New Years Eve which I'm hoping is going to be ace and frankly quite boozy!

Take care everyone and speak to you all soon hopefully! xxx