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Shavey’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 30 Dec 2007

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

MapI suppose travelling is all about those spare of the moment decisions where to go and how to get there and Friday was one of those spare of the moment decisions for us.

After arriving and staying in Langkawi for one evening, having already decided that Kuala Lumpur was our chosen destination for NYE, we planned out our route from Langkawi to KL. This involved a ferry to the neighbouring island of Penang and from there travelling to mainland Malaysia and then an overnight train down to KL. When we arrived at the ferry port in Langkawi we were told that the ferries to Penang were fully booked for the next two days! After having the lady behind the counter explain an alternative route to mainland Malaysia a number of times and not understand anything of what she had said we turned to the nearest taxi driver and asked "how much to the airport?!" We knew we could fly from Langkawi to KL but obviously this was a more expensive form of travel. But the thought of three or four different buses and then an extra couple fo trains too didn't really appeal so we decided on a flight.

We arrived on Friday evening and took the bus to the city. Coming in on a bus via the motorway was a brilliant way to get a first glimpse of the city! Coming in you could see the illuminated Petronas Twin Towers and the KL Tower and the various other skyscrapers lighting up the skyline. It looked so cool. Where we're staying is right in the centre of Chinatown but i feel a bit of an idiot not being able to use chopsticks to eat my rice and chicken! So I did attempt to use them tonight - not with much success I hasten to add! haha! The city itself is pretty cool. Got a really friendly and excited buzz to it too. It's not quite a s busy and lively as London, which is cool as well as there are not too many people about all the time. Loads of skyscrapers around but it's weird as there is not much else about around the buildings for example other shops, cafes etc. There is a lof of building work going on in the city so maybe this is what is happening.

So far I've found Malaysia a lot friendlier and more welcoming than Thailand. Everyone seems friendly and helpful. Whether this is because the country it self is a lot welathier and the standard of living is better. This in turn probably means that the people here are more educated and their grasp of English is a lot better, hence seeming more friendly and helpful. Like last night sitting in a Reggae bar being offered a toke on the water pipe by some of the locals! Of course it would have been rude to refuse a local custom - I didn't have any halluconogenic experiences so it must have been kosher plain apple flaboured tobacco!

Not sure of the plan for NYE yet. In said reggae bar we got talking to a lad from Oundle so we plan to meet up with him and a few others tomorrow night, have a few drinks at their hostel and then go in to the city. Probably watch the fireworks and then see if we can find any decent bars or clubs to party in.

Happy New Year to you all if I don't speak to you beforehand, stay safe and all the best for 2008!