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Davey Boy’s Travel Diary

Monday, 25 Jul 2005

Location: Yep, you've guessed, Australia


Im still in brissy but dont worry, you'll be getting tales from Byron Bay and Sydney in a couple of days, I leaving on Wed! I leave Aus at the end of the month so reckon its about time I made a move south. Im going to dance over the sydney harbour bridge then its off to NZ to freeze before heading to the US to get fed up on super size Macky Dee's

So, on Friday night a bunch of us went out for dinner and a drink, yea good one! I fell under the influence of bloody students again and they conspired to get me completely plastered!

It was the usuall craic, few drinks, on for a meal, a few more drinks...and Karioke. Oh, yes. For a change a gang of us ended up in Dont tell Mama's (we now get loyalty points for regular attendance) knocking out hits and pulling shapes on the tables!

Anyway I was as rough as a badger the next morning so missed the train to Noosa, the day was wrote off to a hangover and making sure I was in prime condition for Sunday. I went to see big Steve, the crocodile hunter.

It was Quality (with a capital q). Im just putting the photo's up so you'll be able to have a butchers in about half an hour. Steve was there feeding the croc's, I watched a pair of Tigers have a scrap and got my photo took with a albino Kangaroo. The stuff dreams are made of.

I've got a bit of a Y-list celeb staying in the same Hostel as me (yes the one with bed bugs) its only Marco, the bald camp big brother bloke. It's all getting too much, Im going for a lie down!

Thundercats HOOOO