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Davey Boy’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 06 Aug 2005

Location: Taupo, New Zealand

MapHello boys and Girls,

In prep for the trip to US (Ive noticed how Zig 'n' Dodge seem to playing a hell of a lot) I walked down to Lake Taupo and had a go at the par 3 challenge. You stand on the waters edge, grab a 9 iron and whack the ball at a green about 115 yards into the lake. There are 3 different holes of varying sizes and if you get a hole in one theres a prize. Anyway I baught 18 balls and bashed the hellout of them, 6 hit the green the rest went to a watery grave. It doesnt bode well for the US. Oh and...

If you're struggling to find things to do with your day tommorow, go down to blockbuster, rent a copy of Lord of the Rings 'Fellowship of the ring' and watch it.

Pay particular attention to a bit where the fellowship are walking through the 'misty mountains'. At about 12:30 tommorow I will be jumping on a small airoplane and enjoying a scenic over the top of said mountains.

Oh, yea, silly me I almost forgot to mention it. When I get up to 12,000 feet the door to the aircraft will be opened and I'm going to jump out of it (lets face it, Im getting pushed) as you do.

After about 45 seconds of freefall (and reaching speeds of about 120 mph, faster than my old car used to go) the plan is to open a parachute and float gently down taking in the views of mountains 'Tongariro', 'Ruapeehu' and 'Ngauruhoe' (aka misty moutains) I'll let you know how it goes.

If not, Id just like to say its been your pleasure and you can donate my underpants to medical research. anyway, I said to this bloke with the long neck, giraffe to look like that?

Ta Ta