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Davey Boy’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 18 Aug 2005

Location: L.A, USA

MapEhh 'ello.

Howdy boys and girls, get yourself comfy while I regail you with tales of all things US. Right-e-o, here we go.

I got into LAX and realised that I had no clue where I was going to stay so I spent about 15 mins running backwards and forwards around the airport to find an internet terminal (supprisingly difficult to find and tucked into some foul smelling corner when you do find it) and managed to get myself a number for a hostel.

So I jumped onto a bus (a big blue one) and set off for Venice Beach. Got there, and went to check in. It was only full, all apart from a fold out bed that would be put up in the living room at midnight. It was far too hot to carry my pack around anymore so I settled for this and ended up going to sleep with an audience ( The bed was set up in front of the TV and I went to bed while there were people still watching).

So I woke up on the morining and set off for Venice Beach for a nosy around. It was Class. I sat and watched guy's play basketball (like white men cant jump) for ages and then had a look at the meat head's work out on Muscle Beach. Then it was off to a bar and listen to hippies play music before a sunset dip in the baywatch beach. Suitably merry I made my way back to the hostel, and went all posh and slept on a bunkbed (there will be no talking to me soon, Im a snob).

I met up with a group of Welsh guys the next day and we decided to hire out some bikes and peddle, along Venice to Santa Monica. Quality decision. We had a day of sillyness and showing off our (lack of) strength on the various work-y-out-y things along the beach. Had a game of crazy Golf on the Santa Monica pier (won by yours truley) and ended the day sat in an Irish bar drinking Newcastle Brown.

I left for Hollywood the next day and the curse of the full hostel struck again, I ended up lugging my backpack the length of hollywood way before finding a hostel I thought I stood a pretty good chance of waking up without stab wounds. I spent the next few days looking around Hollywood and getting excited when I found Dick Van-Dykes star. It is a bit of a wierd place, more tacky than I'd expected (although it still couldnt hold a candle to blackpool but where could) with the shops consisting of tatoo places, shoe shops and sex shops, with the odd tat shop thrown in for good measure.

After a couple of days I set off to Phoenix to meet team Martindale and Rogers. I'll fill you in later, everyone loves a cliff hanger...