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Davey Boy’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 20 Aug 2005

Location: Phoenix, USA

MapHere goes...

I arrived and checked into my hostel, which for some reason had a police car ouside and the owners were chatting to 2 armed 'bobbies', very nice. Slept uncomfortably and set off to meet Zig 'n' Co. at the Boulders resort on the way out of Phoenix.

Apparently it was about 4 miles outside the city. Good one. I jumped onto a bus and rode it till it came to the end of the line (about 45 mins) then jumped onto another bus for an hour till I got to the city limits (nutbush?). When I got here I flagged a taxi to take me the remainder of the way to the resort. 45 Dollars later I finally got there (the girl driving the taxi was entertaining though, she spent all the time telling me how bad Phoenix is).

When I got out of the Taxi a consierge came over to help with my luggage, he got a shock when a stinking backpack was pulled from the 'trunk'. While I went inside to find Claire, Nita, Zig n Dodge it was left outside, presumably he didnt want it to stink out reception, cheeky bugger!

After I'd popped into reception I was directed to the pool where I met up with Nita and Claire topping up their tans. It was fantastic to see some familiar faces and not start all conversations with one of the following:

how long have you been away for?
where are you from?
where have you been?
where are you going?
so, what did you do at home?

when I go travelling next I'm going to get a few t-shirts printed with:

Dave, 25, Hartlepool, in between Durham and Middlesbrough, OK- near Newcastle, the North East? a couple of hours south of Edinboro' and then a detailed ittinary on it and I reckon I wouldnt have to speak for at least 2 days when I get to a new place! Anyway, I digress. After about 20 mins of banter with Claire and Nita, Zig and Dodge turned up from golf bag shopping - and then buggered off for a round of Golf!

That evening we went out for a meal, the first lot of propper food I'd eaten since getting into America, up untill now I'd lived off slices of Pizza for $1.50 a pop and the occasional Hot Dawg although Im reliably informed that, unlike the Chinese hot dog, these contained no traces of Lassie.

So we spent the next couple of days playing Golf (in my case badly), looking for phantom restraunts (we drove 26 miles looking for an Indian that Claire insisted was 'Just down this road'), racing in the pool, whacking baseballs around (in a practice net, they were getting 'thrown' at 75mph) and being cheated out of a pole position on a go-cart track.

After this it was off to the Grand Canyon but, as a great man once said, thats a different story.