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Davey Boy’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 02 Oct 2005

Location: Dallas, USA

MapHello. Well I made it to Dallas, and after a day, Im on the road again. This time heading up to Chicago (its my kind of town).

I had a bit of a giggle at Vancouver airport. It seems that just about every american customs worker thinks Im a terrorist so when I walked upto the counter I was waiting to have my bags searched. I walked up, told him that I'd been in the US and had only visited Vancouver for a day.

"So are you on some kind of holiday son"?
"Yea, Im trying to see a bit of the world"
"and you spent a day in Vancouver, where you flying to today son" (honest, put on a drawl and thats how he spoke)
"How long for"?
"Just a day"
"and what you doin in Dallas for a day"
"Just seeing the sights"
"and what are they"?
"No idea, (I was thinking whatever you do dont say your going to see where Kennedy was assasinated) Im going to see where Kennedy was shot (D'oh)"
"Your itinnery makes no sense to me. Can you just go through that door there, someone will want to ask you a few questions."

Thats another fine mess you got me into!

When I finally arrived here I have to admit I wasnt looking forward to it. I thought Id hate it because its Texas afterall and only Queers and Steers come from Texas (and you dont look much like a steer to me), so when I landed in a dingey airpport I thought here goes!

First off Dallas has no Hostels (well none that are within 20 miles of the city) so I had to book into a plush hotel for the night (I got to steal more soap and shampoo). After this was done I had a few hours to kill before bedtime so I went to Deally Plaza. It was really good (if a lot smaller than expected) a guy (who spoke exactly the same as Uncle Reamus from 'Song of the South') came over and started giving me the local history and a guided tour. Jackpot.

After about an hour getting told all about Kennedy and Oswald I had done all I wanted to do in Dallas so I went back to the hotel to abuse the facilities (swimming pool and gym). Its amazing how a decent nights kip and a shower changes your perspective on things. This morning I thought Dallas was super (when I arrived yesterday I was hot, sweaty and ready to bite someones head off. Parts looked a little ropey and when wandering around I didnt feel particularly safe) and although I had to catch 2 busses and a train to the airport found I quite liked Dallas.

I ho I ho its off to Chicago I go...