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rowan’s Travel Diary

Friday, 25 Jan 2008

Location: China

MapSometimes hostels are a haven of peace for the mind. the hump in kunming, china has done it right. relaxing music, porch chairs, ping pong tables, great company of other travelers. seeing new places requires so much walking, by the end of some days my feet are aching and the streets of chinese cities are the worst place to be when your mind is tired.
So much has gone on since my last writing here. I was still in Shijiazhaung.
I cant think back too far or the memories of what i saw where get all jumbled, a symptom of moving through places quickly and seeing SO much.
My favorite thing about Kunming is the delicious fruit on the streets, especially the pineapple. Also, how it is much quieter then other chinese cities. cars dont use their horns to express there every move. many of the horns in trucks and cars are surely in the illegal decibal range going by american standards.
The sun! wow, the warm air and the sun.
Recently i have been visiting other schools in china looking for possible new jobs for next september. when i first got to china i knew i could not live in shijiazhaung for a long time. it is a bowl of smoke and with respiratory problems being china's number one killer, i dont want to be one of the victims. so the perfect way to get excited about a new job and new location is to see the schools and meet the administration. rob and i have been offered every job we walked in to ask about, at middle schools, universities and private language schools. even lacking showers and wearing dirty clothes, since our pronunciation is ideal, they want. it is weird, but i really do love teaching here, so i am extremely excited about all the possibilities.
i have been looking for a pair of pants for a couple months without any luck. there are no pants bigger then a size 6 since chinese people are so small. maybe 8's. i will have to ask my parents for a pair of pants i left at home!