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rowan’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 19 Mar 2008

Location: shijiazhaung, China

Mapits the middle of march in this northern chinese city. in the parks flowers are starting to bloom, even magnolia trees! today rob and i went out with our friend Lucy to take pictures of her for a job application she is sending in. searching for a job in china is a lot different then in the west. the employer wants to know your gender, age, height, weight, and even asks for a picture before an interview, in some cases. i hope lucy will fit the profile! she has been madly searching for something that suits her.
last week i decided to read a novel with my classes, and chose the Little Prince. the small book is filled with conversation topics and abstract thought that any person would be drawn to. so far they're liking it...
the weather has been sunny on most days with just one day of rain. the rain is acid so i do not try to fill up my water buckets for watering gardens (hahahaha). when i lived at my parents house i kept many barrels and small buckets under the eaves of the roof to catch the thick streams of rain. each time a big storm came i ran around the house emptying the overflowing smaller buckets into the bigger ones, then placing them back in their spot. i loved it, coming insie soaking wet, smelling like spring.
the dials on my camera have froze so i cant turn it on. there have been many camera malfunctions over the months so i am buying a new one. once i budget my summer plans i will see how much is left for a sweet camera.
recently my camera eye has come back, too, which is very incovenient! i want to take a tour of the city and photograph the life here in more detail. soon to be..