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Beau/Melita’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 29 Dec 2007

Location: Naples, Italy

MapHi Everyone,

Well, alot has been going on for us in a week! First of all Dubai: a city of contrasts, colour, construction and cash! Their catch phrase is "Dubai - where there is a lot to DO and a lot to BUY" get it?. It:s true though, ther is a lot to do, we went to Ski Dubai (which is located in one of their many giant shopping malls) and had a snow boarding lesson. On our way back we are going to Wild Wadi- their water park. They also have 70% of the worlds cranes there so you can imagine how much construction is going on. We also got a glimpes of the amazing markets which are also huge. They are called Souks and they have a fish souk, a spice souk, an old souk and.....yes ladies...a gold souk (Beau is letting me go on the way back). The other great thing about Dubai is that the people were lovely and our 3 star hotel was more like a 5 star, so it will be a nice way to begin and end our trip!

Rome: First impression of Rome is busy, and surprisingly dirty but then we walked around and accidently stumbled across the Colosseum and got our first wow factor. The food was awesome (the best Gnnochi ever!) we did a lot of walking and sightseeing, saw a lot of churches and old buildings - it was sad how much graffiti was on so many of the old buildings though! Trevi Fountain was beutiful but there were hundreds and hundreds of people there, same goes for the Vatican. I think our favourite thing about Rome was the little restaurants down the little cobbled streets.

Naples: When we walked out of the train station to find our hostel all we would think was "Holy Crap!". People everywhere, car and scooters going in all direstions, weaving in and out of traffic and up the sidewalk. We stopped to look at our map and nearly got reversed over when a guy wanted to park where we were standing. We got to our hostel and thought - where have we landed and why did we come here? However we ventured out for dinner to a famous pizza place (after all Naples is supposed to be the home of pizza) and with the first bite out question was answered - the best pizza ever. Today we went to the markets and got some fresh sqid and salad to make a nice healthy dinner. The markets were so much fun, so cheap and fresh! We walked down to the bay and soaked up the beautiful veiw of the coast (will post photos) it was also a bit sunny today wich was a nice change. We decided that we both like Naples a bit more that Rome - it is like a giant Freo! So we have just eaten our fabulous fresh Calamari nad salad and now I am hogging the hostel computor so I best go and post from somewhere else in beautiful Italy!