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Beau/Melita’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 17 Jan 2008

Location: Venice, Italy

MapVenice 2nd - 4th Jan- seems like ages ago (Beau will add some photos soon for each of these places). Venice was very pretty especially at night. There were many times that we walked around in circles and got lost - we'd start in one place and think we were heading toward our B&B and then half hour later we would end up in the same place. It snowed a little on our first day which was exciting - the ever snap happy Beau tried to take a photo of a snow flake on his jumper but didn't work out. There's lots of shopping in Venice which is a bit depressing when we have no money to spend but I did get a bit of Venician glass in the form of a pretty pendant (thanks Beau Beau). We stayed in this cute B&B where the lady spoke no English and every time you tried to speak to her she just offered you Tea but she was sweet. Overall it was a good stay.