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Beau/Melita’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 20 Jan 2008

Haven't had much luck finding an internet lately - especially one that lets you download photos. Melita will give you all the details in her wonderful diary entries but I can give you the general outline since leaving Italy.

I thought Venice was nice and we did manage to see our first bit of snow (which was falling) but three days was plenty. All you can do is shop, shop, shop and then eat. Then after you eat you go shopping again. It was like Christmas shopping without having any money. I like shopping as much as the next bloke so 3 days in Venice was plenty for me.

Paris was spot on. The people were extremely helpful and friendly. My highlight in the city of romance was riding the worlds fastest elevator - 200m in 30seconds. My lowlight was paying 8 euro for a pint.

Then it was onto Munich - we took a free tour and then drank all afternoon in the world famous beer hall. Melita who doesn't drink beer was a real trooper and deserves a pat on the back for knocking off two 1L beers at a handy pace. After that someone thought we should go ice skating and as you could imagine it was quite a scene - I even tried skating with the kids polarbear to the great amusement of an adoring crowd. I don't whether I was Torvill or Dean. Melita skated very well and continued to impress while I retired to join the rest of the crowd in another drink.

Off to Berchdesgaden (I am sure that is spelt wrong). It is on the border of Austria and has a population of 14 000. It was great. It was covered in snow and we had a ski, went into a salt mine with a giant slide and then had a swim outside in a thermal pool. It was cheaper to get a beer than a coke. The Germans no how to cook a snagger.

We stopped into Dresdan on the way to Berlin and had some great soup and got bitten by bed bugs.

We have now been in Berlin for two days. It is the first time we have struck any real winter weather. Tonight we are going on a pub crawl.

Thats about it. I have given you a good overview and I am sure that Melita will fill in the gaps. I will eventually post photos when I find a USB.