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Beau/Melita’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 24 Jan 2008

Location: Paris, France

MapParis 5th - 10th Jan; We took a night train to paris from Venice which was pretty cool - we had our own cabin so got a little bit of sleep! We arrived and went to our hostel called 'The Perfect Hotel' it was cute and comfortable. Later that day Bec and Sal arrived. We had a great few days there together going to museums (thanks Joel!) and eating! The louve was cool but very busy - the Mona Lisa looses it's charm a bit when you have to stand on your tip-toes to get a glimpse! We also went to the modern art museum which was cool but we also found a lot of it pretty amusing and wanky - like the plain white canvas minimalism at it's best! Beau decided that he would like a picasso on his wall - if only! We gave Beau Beau a day off the girls and we went shopping and wandering around - I had a bad cold but it was nice to go into some shops and look. I loved that paris was so grand and there was so much space in such a big city - in terms of the width of the streets and the parks etc. We also found the people were so nice! 3 separate times, we were looking at our map and someone came up to us to ask if we needed help and showed us where to go. So don't buy the story that Parisians are rude! Thanks to Beccy and Sal for coming over to play with us!