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Beau/Melita’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 24 Jan 2008

Location: Netherlands

MapMunich 10th - 12th Jan; Well, as you can probably tell by the post from Munich - we had a ball! We just thought it was going to be a place to break up our train trip to Berchtesgaden from Paris but we ended up wishing we had stayed longer. We met a couple of Aussie's from Perth in our room and they told us about the free walking tour which we went on with them the next day. The tour was great and we learnt a lot about Munich's history (which is very interesting). It's a very pretty city with lovely old buildings (well a lot are new old as they were rebuilt after the war). After the tour we went to the massive beer hall with Clare and Ash - our new Aussie mates. And yes - it's true I drank two Steins!