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Vicki’s Travel Diary

Monday, 07 Apr 2008

Location: Lima, Peru


It`s hard to believe our trip is almost over! We`ve spent the past 4 nights in Lima, relaxing and enjoying the warm weather before we return to London.

It was Ben`s birthday last Friday so I organised lunch at a lovely restaurant in San Isidoro, an upmarket suburb of Lima. The restaurant was very modern and full of businessmen and ´ladies that lunch`, but the food was divine. Loads of fresh seafood, including more of the traditional ceviche (raw fish with lime and chilli) and accompanied by many Pisco Sours. Towards the end of our meal we got talking to the couple sitting beside us, an English Opera signer and his theatre Director girlfriend. I`m sure they were disappointed when we introduced ourselves and the words "we`re both accountants" came out, but they stayed nonetheless and we all enjoyed more Pisco Sour together. After a few hours, with the restaurant all but closed up from lunch except for us, we decided to all head down to Baranca, a suburb by the ocean and just south of San Isidoro, to watch the sunset. It was beautiful. Our new friends had to go home after the sunset as they were attending a wedding the next day, but Ben and I continued to celebrate and so found ourselves at the Atlantic City Casino... we thought we`d have a bet, so we put S/25 (about $8) on the line, and lost it all in about 2 minutes.... so after deciding betting wasn`t our thing, we went in search of a drink and found ourselves in the casino karaoke bar. Now I`m sure you all know that my singing voice is not great, but karaoke is supposed to be fun and full of drunk people that can`t sing... not in Lima! These singers were pros. So we befriended the girls sitting near us and I sang as their back-up in one song, but certainly no solo performances! Ben attempted a song but quickly gave up and danced on stage instead. He knows where his talents lie.

Our remaining time in Lima has been spent enjoying the food and sunshine, which is easy with clear skies and warm weather every day. We depart for London tomorrow morning and then it`s time to find work, a place to live etc. It`s sad our journey is over, but we`re looking forward to getting back into a normal routine and for everyone in London, we`re looking forward to catching up soon.

Thanks to all for looking at this travel blog and we hope you have enjoyed it!