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derek’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 06 Jan 2008

Location: sydney, Australia

MapHi everyone thanks for the messages, i can now see how Carl was missing the replys' when they didn't come in, so keep them coming.
We have the great fortune of staying with the best hosts possible who are making the stay here just brilliant.
Well Sydney on saturday was the nuts, first we took the Manly ferry to Circular Quay and as the beaches have been shut for 3 days we knew it was going to be rough but no one had told us we were in for white water rafting on a ferry boat, when we got to The Heads (the gap out to sea ) we met with probably 30ft swell and the poor old ferry was getting bounced all over and as you can imagine, mum doesn't like that but we got to shore okay if not a little stirred. We trawled The Rocks, done the bridge, walked through the city to Scruufy's, Cockle wharf and Darling harbour (mum said we had been to Darwin harbour) so i explained it was like 4 hours away. We walked back to the quay for an even worse ride back on the ferry (but good fun really). We had a terrific Barbie back at the house and drank rather large Quantitie's of Quality wine to go with the monstrous amount of food.(we may have to get some shipped if its an acceptable price).
Sunday we do an hour in the spa for full scale catch up of all news young and old from England and i got cooked (forgot to put on the 30 block) , we then trekked down to Manly round the scenic walk route which took us about 2 1/2 hours getting fried as well again, done lunch and then went to the surf beach which was pretty damn cool as the waves were massive (beach closed again ) but all the lunatic surfers were out there. Pictures coming soon. Going to have a quiet night in tonight with take away and refresh the body. Should be back in rest of city tomorrow and on to Clon Tarf beach on Tuesday. Don't get too burnt at home by the wind.(ha.ha.) Speak to you soon.