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JaNaT’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 10 Jan 2008

Location: New York, USA

Map"Start spreading the news...we're here to stay...we want to be a part of it"....WOW The Big Apple is just that...BIG. We landed safely on Tuesday night and took our first NY taxi ride to Manhattan which is where we have been staying for the last 3 days....we were like Kids in a candy store...

After initially being ripped off by our hostel, we straightened things out and settled in. Thought we would hit the hay as niether of us had had much sleep, but ended up meeting some new friends and low and behold going out for "a beer". Yada yada yada...then the sight seeing started!!!

In 2 days we have walked thru Times Square, Gone to the top of The Empire State Building, watched people skate at Rockafella Center, boated around The Statue of Liberty, Saw buildings where John Lennon was shot, Diana Ross, Jerry Seinfeld, Robert Deneiro and Beyonce live (gator eat your heart out), the soup kitchen from Seinfeld, the Brooklyn Bridge, Van Gogh and Picasso's at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, gawked at the beauty of central perk and drank Starbucks in front of the David Letterman Show, which also coincedentally is right beside where Oprah is debuting her movie turned Musical and she was there last we were...ahh...but we didn't see her...and so so so much more...this city never sleeps, and we have both decided to come back one day as there is so much more to do!!

We rewarded ourselves by going out again with our new friends and capitalizing on the 50 cent cans of Coors Light..we were in heaven!! We have fallen in love with this city for sure..

Pictures will come soon, we need to get to the cheap countries where internet costs only a few cents...keep the messages coming...xo