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JaNaT’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 17 Jan 2008

Location: Bangkok/Kanchaburi, Thailand

MapOnly gone just over a week and plans can change...we had an unscheduled stopover in Dubai, Unite Arab Emirates as we missed our connecting flight and they put us up in a 4 star hotel with free food (we like to tell people we have travelled the middle east..)
We finally got our butts to Bangkok and hit the streets looking for a place to stay. To our shock, it is high season and very busy so we walked for over an hour in over 30 degree heat with our bags and 5 bazillion % humidity..we finally found somewhere to sleep.

We walked around Bangkok for a day or so, got our visas to Laos and Vietnam organized and decided last minute that we would go on a three day tour...good idea!

Literally stayed on a house boat (house that is tied down to the shore on top of a river), rode elephants, played with tigers, bamboo rafted, saw a floating market, saw the Bridge over the River Kwai (much too interesting and historic to explain) and one of the nicest 7 tiered waterfall either of us have ever seen...

Back in Bangkok and off to the island Koh Samet tomorrow a.m...yes we know...tough life..ciao for now...xo