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JaNaT’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 26 Jan 2008

Location: ShangHai, China

MapNee how (sp?) ya anywho, hey all...they have good oranges here!! Ha seems as though nothing really wants to go our way since we've been in China.

After a nice lazy few days on Ko Samet, Thailand, we trucked (literally) back to sweaty Bangkok to get ourselves over to this gigantic country we call China..and o how gigantic it is!!

Flew into Macau (own country) and then off to Hong Kong. Had a few days to adjust and got to see Jan's friends Ashley(stayed with ash and it helped us out a tonne) and Jill. Nice to see familiar faces in an unfamiliar setting. We even got to experience a Hong Kong ladies night...yada yada the night was great!!

Off on our own again we decided to head out to Mainland China...very different to be so close to Hong Kong. We've also heard the word "no" alot...sometimes we think its easier than trying to explain something in Chinenglish...seriously no one speaks English here...

So we walked around a big city called Shenzhen for hours in the rain (you'd think a techno cap like China would have internet everwhere..sure do NOT) finally collapsing into ahem..a four star hotel..but it was all they had..hey its hard here!!

So today after 36 hours on a train that was supposed to only be 19, we are in Shanghai..trying our darnest to get to Beijing..that wall better be one hell of a wall!!!

speak soon..we love ya all...J and N