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JaNaT’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 30 Jan 2008

Location: Beijing, China

MapAn incredibly long journey to get to Beijing, has now stuck an incredibly big stick up our butts..translation = a huge pain in the Ass!! Okay okay, we will say The Great Wall of China, was truly amazing...although it was extremely cold (no Candian winter) but pretty cold when you keep in mind that we only have minimal amounts of clothing that we can layer on, we are trekking in Northern China bordering Mongolia, in higher altitudes in the dead of Chinese winter. So it was a tad nippy, but unreal..almost seems like we didn't even do it..

Now we are back in Beijing, where China conviently likes to screw us around. It may be low tourist season, good for travelling to keep the tourists at bay, but high China season (ice festival, looming chinese new year and spring festival which forecasts almost 200 million chinese peeps hanging out on trains) for us this means, NO Way out..or so it seems...Not to mention some freakish ice storms in southern and central china that apparently don't ever happen, just happen to happen when we are here...BRRR...needless to say we are a tad frustrated...added onto the fact that everyone here whorkes loogeys everywhere, and Jan got physically restrained in a shop to buy a kimono..they don't get the No means No policy...Nathalie had herself a good laugh on the street and created a diversion while Jan snuck behind the psycho little Kung fu Chinese retailer and they ran for dear life..haha..but seriously...

Anywho, china has been interesting to say the least...we will definitly never forget it..and really the wall...pretty once in a life time thing...but as for other things when you are cold and frustrated its hard to see the positives. Its not neccesarily a backpacker friendly country, but if you had money and did it up hotel style...we think it would be much more enjoyable..and Summer would be touristy but probably alot prettier and nicer.

All we can do is laugh, and tell funny stories...more pics will come when we get to Vietnam, hopefully by tomorrow, even if Nat has to sell Jan's organs on the black market, we're pretty much to the point where we ARE gonna get the heck outta here, no matter the cost...

keep the messages a comin' we'll let you know how it all works out...J and N.x