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JaNaT’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 12 Feb 2008

Location: Phu Quoc, Vietnam

MapHey all, sorry for the lack of...well anything lately..but the site has been down, as any of you who checked it probably found out. No worries, we'll get ya up to speed. Will also post some photos when we get a chance too...we move around alot and fast interent is not as readily available as we would like it to be..

Anywho, we took away from China what we could..and it was fun and interesting...and we might just have to go back one day..we'll see. After Beijing we flew (cuz we couldn't get a train hence snow storms) to a city called Nanning..where we stayed in a hotel that was more or less like a cold prison. Another shift at the train station and we got our selves a ticket to the border town with Vietnam called Pingxiang..we call it a shift cuz it takes hours of waiting in line and trying to communicate via shouting, hand gestures, laughing and pointing!!

Tuk tukked in the rain to the border, got into Vietnam and bussed it straight to Hanoi. We decided we were sick of the cold and rain so we booked a two day bus down to a place called Nha Trang, closer to the south..and man was it worth it.

3 incredible days of beach, booze and bein bums...we thought we deserved it after our hard work in China. We met some lovely people that we hung out with, tried the freshest sea food ever (lobster and crab..we're so posh), went on a fantastic boat trip where Nat tried her hand at snorkelling for the 1st time somewhere other than Cochin ocean, ate authentic Vietnamese cuisine and fruit, tried out their floating bar in the ocean and saw a really cool aquarium built right on top of the sea.

Sad to say good bye to Nha Trang we headed for Ho Chi Minh City..big, stinky and not our scene, so after a visit to the War Crimes museum where we learned a bit about the US involvement in the Vietnam war, we headed on down to the port city of Rach Gia. Mmm local buses are annoying when 10 year old children are grabbing at you and losing control of their voice decibals every 2 us!!

So now we are on the island Phu Quoc which is in the gulf of Thailand, off the southern tip of Vietnam..check us out. We've spent the last few days enjoying the beach, food, our airconditioned room and our hotel pool...yes spoiling ourselves..but can you blame us..we're on vacation!!

Sorry so long of a message, but we live such important lives thougth you all might want to know..haha...keep the messages coming...we are safe, healthy, happy and lovin every minute...J an N..xoxo